About $FTB

Welcome to Fuck the Bank! $FTB is a revolutionary, 100% decentralized, token that is leading the DeFi charge against the Global Central Banks, the biggest enemy of crypto adoption. We are also focusing on Bitcoin & Blockchain Education, teaching people how to self custody the fruits of their labor. We encourage people to take their cash out of banks and crypto off exchanges.

Instead of having a pre-sale with rich whales, we have focused on low income people, all over the world, to buy in first. We have locked 100% of the liquidity until July 2024, have already renounced the contract, and are working on Phase 3.

Our unique 5% tax on every buy and sell is used for burning the coin, keeping the supply in check, and making it more valuable over time. There is no development or marketing wallet; all taxes burn. We believe in empowering people to break free from traditional banking systems and create generational wealth.

I am focusing on creating a great crypto community and a long term Top 100 Token. I will continuously work on building a reputation in the crypto world as someone with integrity.

I dream of becoming a beacon of light.

Medium Posts White Paper

3 Main Phases

Phase- 1

• Create the website, telegram, Merch Store, and TikTok

• Travel the US and help low income people purchase the coin.

• Build 3 Play to Earn Games.

• 1 Medium Post a Month, each post will have an NFT Collection tied to it.

• Farm Pool created, staking APR 695.60%.

Phase- 2

• 1000 FTB Holders

• Marketing Campign will start, paid by the community.

• Post 2-5 TikTok Videos a week.

• 1 Play To Burn game will be released.

• Bitcoin and Blockchain Eduction Campaign.

Phase- 3

• 20000 Holders

• Release 3 More Play to Earn Games.

• Podcast that interviews people in the crypto space.

• Creating Crypto.Vision: a revolutionary DEFI portfolio and cryptocurrency price tracking app. We only list 1 Crypto each month.

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